Yahoo! Voice agent

July 2014 – June 2015

Yahoo! Voice agent started April, 2012. The mission of this service is to provide right information responding to user’s voice command. It offers news, weather, search results, maps, recipes, sports and stock informations and also launching other applications, calling, searching contact list and so on.

Yahoo!音声アシスト (Google Play)

Yahoo!音声アシスト (AppStore)


Service design

I joined the team July, 2014 when the application have already acquired certain amount of active users but the team was still struggling for gaining new users and sharing same goals in their mind because society and technologies are rapidly changing but future vision of the service was ambiguous.

I held workshops and seminars of service design to set foundations of co-creation culture and clarify our objectives and roadmap. Team members started to share their thought, use designer’s method with post-its, papers and even LEGOs, and we massively produced visual evidences of our work such as service context, persona, user journey map, and roadmaps and it became easier to chase same objectives.


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I also reviewed KPIs, and conducted qualitative and quantitative user researches to collect right insights to reflect to the app design and development. Through the all service design activities that I initiated, the team could come up with many of ideas to improve the application. As a result of implementing those ideas, we could improve various indicators such as retention rate and customer satisfaction etc.

Mobile app and smart watch design

iOS application development project was just started at that time, and I participated as an interaction designer. I published a wireframe with requirements, continued team reviews, asked everyone’s vision and build a mood board, and directed application design and icon renewal. To validate interaction designs of application status, I conducted user testing to see if users can talk naturally to the application and we could improve usability by optimizing both designs and implementation.


I also designed/developed Android Wear application. Because of the fact that voice agent service is going well with wearable devices for control and also team members were very eager to learn new things, we actively tried to build applications for new devices. I built a wireframe prototype, and wrote XML using Android Studio. We didn’t acquire huge active users, but we created more simple search experience and the knowledge from the development was shared to the company so other teams could continue seeking for the possibility of smart watch apps.

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