April 2006 – December 2010

I loved hardware and that’s why I wanted to make TV sets. In 2006, LED TV market was expanding and making TV seemed very attractive to me. Because I love watching TV, it was my dream come true. The first year, I tested many TVs in their late development process, programmed simple feature using microcomputers, and also worked as a salesman selling TVs and hearing real users’ voice.

The first project I participated as a main team member was developing world’s first local-dimming HDTV. I implemented software that controls LED backlight which is very complicated because it needed knowledge of both software and hardware and had to reflect many stakeholders’ requests. I was processing enormous sets of data for adjusting picture quality, and after I finished programming picture quality specialist reviewed and checked my work.


After that, I led a team consisting of hardware and software engineers including offshore technicians and members from other companies. I started managing requirements, specifications and resources. I was in charge of back-end system of many new models including 3D TVs and high frame rate TVs.