Uniqlo Australia

March 2016

UX assessment for Uniqlo Australia

Uniqlo Australia

I provided an in-depth analysis of Uniqlo Australia by integrating a user experience review and analytics insight. Key pages have been evaluated to understand how to increase the conversion rate of purchase. I provided recommendation based on analysis of best practices within the retail industry and user experience considerations and consolidated a list of optimization testing recommendations.

The 58 page report is consisting of overall UX critic, specific problem, and followed by competitor’s best practice. The following is the part of the report which is specifically about product page.


Finally I added optimization testing recommendations such as “Use accent color to the CTA, move the button above fold. It could improve sales conversion” and prioritized the recommendations. Uniqlo Australia is currently executing my suggestions and conducting tests based on this report. I got the most flattering feedback from the strategist in charge after submitting this UX assessment, it goes like:

“It’s clear that Soyeon has a terrific understanding of UX principles which is great, and what I would have expected from the work. However, Soyeon has really gone above and beyond, for example:

–          Accessing GA to find some relevant statistics to include

–          Providing her own suggestions around CRO testing

–          Delivering a clear and easy to read deliverable

This is my first time working with the UX team on a deliverable like this. I’m looking forward to working more with the team if this is the standard of work I can expect.

Great job Soyeon!!!”