Sony mobile solutions

January 2011 – October 2013


TV SideView (Google Play)

Importance of “Big data” started to emerge in business, and Sony was groping solutions to use huge amount of user data they had been accumulated. I organized and led task force for driving this activity and I drew 3 directions of log and meta data usage.

The first one was unifying log formats for every Sony products. I published Sony Standard documentation that defines log and meta semantics. The second one was personalization. I prototyped several application realizing this ideas. The third one was designing and developing common framework that collects and uploads logs.

I managed the log collecting framework development project and TV SideView introduced my team’s framework. I designed software architecture, planned and coordinated tasks and schedule, negotiated with stakeholders, managed software quality, and also wrote JAVA for sample applications and framework both.


Socialife (Google Play)

I designed log collect/upload framework for all Sony products and TV SideView introduced it into their system. The project was successful and Socialife also wanted to use the framework.

I was leading the project to introduce the framework we designed to Socialife. I managed resources and schedule, negotiated with stakeholders, published specifications and released sample application.


‘Throw’ and ‘Touch’


For united UI/UX for Sony products, members from various backgrounds was discussing what is good experience for users. “Throw” and “Touch” were the ways of enjoying video and audio contents using Sony products. “Throw” is an act of user sending contents wirelessly from one device to another. “Touch” is an act of user sending contents or controlling devices by identifying tags using RFID technology. Both UX needed a clear definition and guideline so people in various department could understand and introduce them into their products.

I managed a project introducing “Throw” to 13 home audio/video products. I led a working group consisting of 70 members of planners, designers, and developers from each department (or company) and as an output we published in-house UI/UX guideline. Also, the feature “Throw” successively introduced into Sony products that started to go on the market in early 2014.