The Table from Golden Circle

November 2015 – February 2016

The Table from Golden Circle


Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, DigitasLBi’s one of the biggest client, saw a significant opportunity to evolve its current loyalty program proposition to include a more structure dining reward & recognition program with the goal of driving more incremental share from the existing member base and engaging new members through localized food and beverage benefits and recognition schemes.

Discover – Finding insights from analytics and user research

I looked into analytics to understand current use of restaurants and bars pages and found out that bounce rate is significantly high and time on session is short, that means people are searching for information but instantly leave the website after when they got something they wanted and not explore for more contents. As a solution, I suggested adding more inspiring contents such as editorial articles and also set many path that users can still enjoy more contents.

I also segmented users into three main groups from analytics and surveys and created persona, user journey, and scenarios for each group to design things through in their shoes understanding motivations and considering what they would think, say, hear and see.



Define – Synthesize findings and identify problems

I identified the painpoints and synthesized findings from discovery phase into the following UX principles.

1. Improving usability issues

2. Enhancing mobile experience

3. Better research & booking experiences

4. Better contents and shareability

Develop – Create prototypes and iterates

Based on client requirements and UX principles, UX team created sitemaps, task flows and wireframes to communicate with clients and team members and continued iteration (Click below to see bigger images). We also strategically decided to develop this platform as responsive website because of Chinese customer’s high rate of mobile use.


thetablehome             tablet            mobile

There were many of tricky design challenges but the most wicked problem throughout this whole project was how to combine grid view and map view and offer the best usability to users by showing restaurants and bars on the website. We sorted out scenarios and created prototypes to find the best solution and we got easy to use, intuitive and enjoyable interaction design.

Prototype – How to show destinations and venues

Deliver – Launch service and improve

We also supported quality check, CMS design, content audit and marketing tactics through other touch points to launch service successfully. The Table by Golden Circle is currently working well as Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ food and beverage portal and more features and values will be delivered to customers throughout this website.