Lane Crawford

April 2017 –

Currently working on projects to bring better experiences to customers and staffs, mainly leading research tasks and also publishing design specifications


Formative research

When starting new projects, to discover what is really happening to customer/staff’s life, we decided to conduct a wide range of in-depth interviews. I offered the research plan that includes the objectives, schedule, screening criteria, interview protocols, and detailed questions we’d like to ask.

We visited stores and warehouses and met customers and staffs, even talked with Chinese staff via WeChat. I conducted 20+ 1-on-1 interviews and we gathered a huge amount of insights. After analysis, we established journey mapping, provided clear views on the current situation and stakeholders’ pain points and high points.


Ideation and execution

Participating team brainstorming and after prioritizing ideas, we worked on storyboarding, creating scamps, UI flows, wireframes and prototypes. Also using Frontify and contributing to add design assets and build Lane Crawford design language


Evaluative & Summative research

After ideation and develop concept designs, we visited stores again and tested designs. We provided interactive prototypes and observed if the users can clear tasks under the scenario we have provided.