Golden Circle 5th Anniversary

September 2015 – January 2016

Golden Circle 5th Anniversary

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts wanted to develop a series of celebration activities to increase brand awareness, to acquire more new members and increase engagement with existing members. Golden Circle is the name of the loyalty program and we planned and suggested a big brand campaign that could motivate audiences and make them engage to the loyalty program and also our products and services.


The campaign includes releasing 5 new partners, 5 new benefits, 5 new influencers, 5 new menus and giving away 5 million loyalty points. We planned effective brand communication through all social, media channels and also created campaign microsite to collect customer stories and showcase our contents.

UX team segmented target audiences into 4 groups, created personas, and planned 4 different mechanics to get each groups which are loyal members, lapsed members, socially active non-members, and prospects.



We considered client requirements and mechanics to acquire users, and we weaved these insights into sitemaps and wireframes to build campaign microsite.


Because the campaign was consisting of pre contest, during contest and post contest period, we had to think and organize information effectively depending on our contents and campaign timeline, as well as whom to communicate and resonate with our delivering values. For example, in early phase of campaign, we wanted to involve existing members so we approached them via EDM. But the later phase of the campaign, we used influencers to promote our values and used hashtag #LoyaltyIs and point giveaway scheme to reach to new customers who probably haven’t heard of Golden Circle. The following wireframes are created and iterated for the given objectives. (Click to see bigger images)

Pre contest microsite homepage


During contest microsite homepage


Contest page


Huge number of new visitors were enrolled from the microsite and the campaign also increased bookings and revenue. Given the objectives of the campaign focused on brand awareness, engagement and acquisition, the unprecedented impact on sales in the short term is real testament to resonance of the creative approach and media targeting.