Cathay Pacific

December 2015 – December 2016

I’ve participated many of big and small Cathay Pacific projects. I was mainly involved to the projects in early phase to research user needs, sort out business objectives and set foundation for design/development execution later on.

Service design – SME portal

Cathay Pacific wanted to provide more customized service to SME(Small and medium-sized enterprises) customers and DigitasLBi UX team conducted service design workshop to understand user needs in context so as to design and SME platform with great user experiences. Planners, developers, designers and managers from Cathay Pacific attended to the session and we exercised activities to empathize with users.

We researched about SME travellers and formed user types depending on their roles in this platform, and we could think through about each user group’s pains and gains and created concrete user stories in the workshop.

sme1 sme2



Competitive analysis – About us

I conducted competitive research to redesign Cathay Pacific’s About us section which is currently outdated design-wise also contents-wise. The objectives of the research was to develop an effective strategy to improve current CX About us website, learn from inspiring case studies and apply them into design practice to make our site unique and outstanding, assess current site from user experience perspective and form design principles that ensure sustainable competitive advantages.



Content strategy – Newsroom

We set content strategy for Cathay Pacific’s new release section to employ a more systematic approach in organising content that gives their target audience the best possible experience and Cathay Pacific the best ROI and to create a reusable framework for future content strategy projects.

Before design execution or contents creation, we conducted to research to know current situation and set core content strategy. The research part was consisting of looking into consumer insights, business analysis, and content audit.

We conducted interview with news reporter and aviation enthusiast who could possibly be our target audience and we created personas and user journeys from insights we gained from interview.


As business analysis, we collected findings from data analytics, competitive research, and stakeholder interview to clarify business objectives. We synthesized all insights we gained from research phase and published criteria.



UX assessment – Payment optimization

Because of the high drop rate on payment stage, I provided UX critic to to minimise users’ confusion at payment phase, increase sales conversion and revenue and learn from best practices and apply their principles to our design.





Brand merger – Cathay Pacific + Cathay Dragon

Change is in the air – Introducing Cathay Dragon

Dragonair is rebranded as Cathay Dragon, and DigitasLBi creatives and UX team set design principles about how to merge those two brand assets to maximize the positive perception of users and minimize the confusion that comes from design changes. Wireframes to be updated as soon as the designs is implemented.


Interaction design – Online check in

This project was well-planned 8 weeks design process and I consolidated client’s requirements and established wireframes to satisfy clients and enhance customer experience.

Cathay Pacific Online Check in