October 2014 – Current

ALPACA is the first project that I participated as a full stack designer. It is a personal development project and the team is consisting of two iOS developers and me as a designer.

ALPACA – delete photos efficiently

We discussed frustration when we have so many photos in our smartphone so we can’t download or update new application/software and planned how to solve it. We built a hypothesis that there are many people who shoot photos rapidly on a same subject so they have similar photos in there album they don’t need. To solve that problem, we thought “group similar photos” and “delete simple and fast” feature would be helpful. That’s the key value of ALPACA.

alpaca_list alpaca_edit_favorite

I used UXPin to embody the key concept and validated the usability using wireframe prototypes. When team members thinks the wireframes good enough, then I started using Illustrator and Photoshop to make visual mocks. Sketch is also very useful tool because to make a quick mock-up, and it helps communication between designers and engineers by automatically showing screen specifications such as sizes, color codes.

For promotion, I produced screenshots for AppStore in three different languages and four different screen resolutions, and images for SNS marketing.

screen322x572 screen322x572-1 screen322x572-2

B5dlmJUCUAAwzUK 98a26db2e59157b0fab0feeab5c3627f 30万枚突破 アルパカくんの兄ちゃん

One developer thought alpacas are really cute and I thought using an animal as a motive will be great to proceed design, and effective when you want to give some messages and tell stories to users. I sketched a few alpacas, and team members all agreed the current one is simple, modern, and cute. The key color is inspired by mountains that alpacas inhabit, it’s vital, vivid, but soft and comfortable so users can remember and engage to this application.

スクリーンショット 2015-01-05 11.56.46

We collected user logs to verify our hypothesis and it turned out many people who installed ALPACA has huge amount of groups of similar photos. ALPACA is being used more than 150 countries and over 20+ million photos have been deleted.

I planned and conducted user interview and we were able to understand problems who takes a lot of photos with their smart phone. We are improving Alpaca everyday with the insights we acquired from real people in “out-of-the-building”.

We are currently developing the next application Beaver that organizes movies in your phone, and you can see the prototype from the following link.

Beaver prototype